7000 TR Product Release

Simplicity 7000 TR2 Airseeder


Simplicity Australia is pleased to announce the release of the TR 7000 model on a genuine 2.0m wheel centre.   

This new narrow chassis Trailing Rear 7000 machine was released in limited quantity for the 2016 seeding season and now is welcomed into full production for the 2017 season. 

Our Front Mounted (FM) range continue to be a staple in the row crop market place but a 2500L capacity limit along with the increase of track tractors in this application present the need for an alternate option.

The TR range, having a single fixed axle offer a highly manoeuvrable and exceptionally simple platform suited perfectly to linkage implements for row crop and raised bed applications. 

For the 7000 model (and the lower capacity 5000) we created a new narrow chassis with a new radius folded bin profile allowing for a 2.0 metre wheel centre.  The chassis is also built with the strength to allow the addition of axle spacers to change between 2 and 3 metre centres.

Our ground-driven drive train remains the standard offering on the TR7000 model range but our proportional hydraulic drive option has also proved popular.  The main reason for this is when used in conjunction with our Apollo ISO VT module we can automatically begin applying product prior to having ground speed, meaning no lead in time or under application at the beginning of a run. 

A particularly valuable feature where access is limited, like irrigated cotton rows when working around head-ditches and tail drains.

The TR 7000 models are already proving to be a valuable addition to our range with a very bright future ahead.