Simplicity brings efficiencies to South Burnett operation



From ease of use, to increased efficiency and compatibility with a range of implements, a new Simplicity front mounted air seeder has already made its mark on Damian Carroll’s southern Queensland operation.

Damian, who farms at Kumbia in the South Burnett region, purchased a FM2 2500 Simplicity bin after dry conditions severely, impacted his 2014/15 summer cropping plans.

He opted to preserve what soil moisture he had by investing in the new Simplicity air seeder to plant his winter crop this year.

“Previously we were a conventional farming system, meaning we’d have to plough everything up rather than being able to direct-drill.

However to preserve our limited moisture, we purchased a new Simplicity air seeder which would allow us to direct-drill the winter crop straight in to last years stubble.

As well as moisture preservation, efficiency was also important for us – we wanted to spend as much time as possible in the machine and with the variable rate know we were putting on the right seed and fertiliser where we needed it,” Damian explains.

However the increased efficiencies didn’t end there, with Damian utilising ISOBUS control to allow a wide range of implements to easily communicate with each other.

“The Simplicity air seeder is front mounted on our Case Puma 210 tractor, and it runs through ISOBUS to the tractor.

That option gives us the versatility to be able to swap between different machines easily, as they all communicate through ISOBUS technology.

It also means I have just one CNH Pro 700 touchscreen in the cab, so I don’t have to be looking at several screens while operating - everything’s just at your fingertips,” he explains.

Damian says one of the best aspects of having an ISOBUS-compatible air seeder was how simple it was to set up and get moving.

“It was easy to get it all working when we first got the gear - once it was plugged in to the back of the tractor, the air seeder TOPCON system came up on the touchscreen in the cab.

After that it was easy enough to figure out just exactly how to operate it – it’s as basic as using your smartphone,” Damian says.

With the machine allowing for easy calibrating, Damian estimates it takes him around 10 minutes to switch grain varieties, and says he also has been impressed with the machine’s autoprime feature.

“When you take off down the paddock you can turn the machine on and it starts priming to get the seed to the ground before you’re up to speed.

Overall the investment has definitely been worthwhile, I can’t fault the air-seeder in any way – it’s a matter of climbing in the tractor in the morning and away you go – you can sit on it all day, no problems,” Damian concludes.