XBar Striker Planter


The X Bar/Striker planter is Simplicity’s solution to Row Cropping and can be fitted with either a minimum till tyne or a twin disc assembly. It has a slightly different geometry to most other twin disc units, but is similar in function. It has an easily adjusted hydraulic down force system, and a highly effective ground following design. This results in accurate and consistent seed depth, and an even germination.

The control wheels on the side of the unit, help clean the disc, and prevent the soil peeling away from the disc in moist conditions. This ensures a good establishment in areas where there are variable soil types.

Darling Downs X-Bar owner Graham Burt is extremely happy with his Simplicity Air Seeder / Striker combination and the flexibility it provides.  “With tyned implements, or single discs, it can be difficult to plant the light knobs on time, when the heavy soil is still too wet. Once the heavy soil has crusted, you can get going, before the light knobs dry out” says Graham.

"The closing wheels on this planter are opposing “finger wheels”, and seem to do a good job collapsing the seed trench in the range of soil types I have to deal with.”

A chain assembly mounted behind the closing wheels, tickles dry soil over the planted seed if required.


Another great option with the Striker, is that the twin disc assembly can be easily replaced with a tyne, and moisture seeking point. Optimum planting times were achieved this year on multiple crops due to the Striker’s versatility.  Graham noted, “This year I have planted 200 Ha of chickpeas, right on time, into mud, at a depth of about 5 inches. The depth control and ground following characteristics remain the same, the tyne just gets that bit deeper. The discs I would use down to about 3 and a half inches, and the tynes, if necessary could go down to 6 inches.”

"The X bar enables me to use any row spacing across the width of the machine. This planter is setup to be 21, 18, 12 or 9, across 9.14 metres (30 feet), with a 3metre tram track. Most of the time it will be used as an 18 row machine, setup to straddle a 9 row, 9 metre maximerge spacing. This gives us lots of options when planting into standing stubble, or side dressing with fertiliser.”

"The X bar itself is a work of art, the way the rams and folding assemblies are integrated inside the beam. The lift assist parallelograms are also internal.  The whole thing is powder coated, and made to last. It looks good and works really well, I love it. 'Simplicity' really is the key to good design”.