Eagle E15 Controller

Supplied as standard to all Granular only Seeders (Ground Drive, Linear Actuator, Proportional Hydraulic and Electric Drive), the E15 console monitors up to four bins for rate, low bin levels, fan pressure, fan rpm, ground speed, total area and sub areas all on the one home screen – eliminating the need to switch between active screen displays. The E15 console has its own master/clutch switch built into the display – but also has simple options for an external in cab switch input or tillage/work switch inputs.

The E15 can also function as a controller with the addition of Linear Actuators, Proportional Hydraulic Drive or Electric Drive and Simplicity’s additional Seeder control units. As a controller, rate changes are effected with simply the touch of a button. Rate increase and decrease are programmable along with two pre-set rate options. Additionally, if not a ground drive unit, the E15 console ensures the rate is kept consistent with your ground speed with GPS input (via a supplied Garmin GPS receiver). The E15 also has additional switches to accommodate lights and other auxiliary powered components.

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