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In late 2016 Simplicity Australia purchased the Austil Equipment business, which included their Single Disc Opener. 

The opener had been developed, produced and refined for over 14 years by Austil Equipment.  Since purchasing the company Simplicity has reviewed, documented and invested significantly into the refinement of this product.  We are now proud to offer the SD-400 units on a range of toolbars to suit a host of operations.  We offer linkage and trailed units in single or dual row configurations and narrow transport single row forward folding models. (15” – 381mm minimum single row spacing)

Undercut 20” Disc – this format provides the ability to penetrate tight soils and/or moisture seek at depths in excess of 150mm.  Using the primary disc gauge wheel to set the depth rather than the rear press wheel the SD-400 ensures consistent seed depth over varying soil conditions.  This design also allows the unit to operate in soft soils, by loading the press wheel and unloading the disc to prevent the disc from burying. 

Strength in Chassis - The main opener body and headstock are sturdy cast assemblies with quality pivot points and operational components to maximise performance and wear.  The overall unit length is compact to control the unit weight and allow for bar designs that minimise transport dimensions.

The Depth Gauge Wheel - has three features: specific shape profile to reduce soil compaction next to the opening disc, option of solid or spoked wheel centre to manage soil and trash movement, and an inbuilt steel ring scraper system to clean mud from the main disc.

Quick Setting Capability- Applying down pressure on the disc and the press wheel is done with independent spring bodies that are easily transitioned to different positions.  The different positions alter the geometry to incrementally increase or decrease the down force.  No manual spring tensioning or loosening is required to alter operation pressures.  This system also includes ‘transport’ or ‘non-working position for different row spacing options.