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Simplicity Australia offers a diverse range of combination, liquid/granular machines available in both Tow Between and Steering Quad formation. Simplicity liquid seeders are a fusion of many of our famous granular features, coupled with a purpose built and perfectly integrated liquid system.

As Simplicity Airseeders are made right here in Australia they are built for Australian conditions, to perform under the challenges only Australia can offer. This is also true for our liquid system. Using our own purpose built valve set, constructed from quality ‘Arag’ components, and driven by a ‘Bertollini’ polypropylene pump as our standard in liquid fertiliser applications.

The result of the Simplicity liquid panel being built ‘in-house’ from the ground up means seamless integration of liquid products into the tried and tested Simplicity granular seeder platform. Building on this platform means that you are still working with many of the components which have set Simplicity apart for reliability and durability. Components such as our robust ground driven drive-train, strong Steerable front axle, and the same chassis design which as faultlessly carried our 15,000 litre granular bin since its inception.

A hydraulic driven Bertollini Polypropylene pump drives the liquid system. An important feature of the system is that agitation takes priority during operation. It is the displacement capacity for this pump which allows a huge flow range available to the implement while still maintaining constant agitation pressure.

Integrated, clean water flush tank, means the valve set and distribution system can be quickly and easily flushed after use.

Optional dosatron injection systems provide the ability for up to three trace elements to be injected, allowing for customised application of multiple liquids.

All Simplicity Liquid seeders are supplied standard with Simplicity’s proven Linear Actuator system and the Zynx X20 controller allowing for full variable rate seeding.