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In years gone by when turning was tight your only option was a single axle seeder. This has always meant a portion of weight being transferred forward onto the back on the planting implement. When you need greater capacity but don’t want to weigh down your planter as a result, the Simplicity Castoring Quad Seeder is the answer.

With sizes ranging from just 3000 litre right up to 9000 litre, larger volume doesn’t mean large headlands.

Simplicity offer two pull options to suit castoring seeders, either an adjustable A-frame or a more economical stiff bar and chains option.

Having provision for a host of options such as load/unload augers, variable rate, small seeds boxes and many more.

Also with option of two or three bins in almost all models, combined with either four or six way metering units, castoring quads can be factory configured to suit your requirements.