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Trash Flow Capable
The underframe height in a central working position for this opener is 800mm, with 530mm of clearance between the ground the bottom parallel arm. The tyne shank is set to a trailing angle of 102 degree’s which provides high trash flow capacity. 

Ground Following
The opener is able to traverse 450mm of vertical travel (200mm down and 250mm upward) without altering the angle of soil engagement.  This travel ability provides the capacity to operate in circumstances with deep wheel tracks, formed beds, or traversing undulating ground is needed. 

Strength to Flex
This opener system utilises two parallel arms that are clamped to pivot from the main headstock. The connection system uses low friction polyethylene pads to hold these arms in position to travel vertically.  These arms are sized with the ability to flex when side loads are applied, and therefore not transfer the high operational forces into a wearing pin/bush set.  Instead, this system uses this arm and pivot system to provide strength to control the tyne and flexibility to significantly reduce wear and tear.

Quick Depth Setting
Depth control is via a clearly marked and easy to use depth setting system at the press wheel.  This system allows for quick changes that have 6mm increments.

Hydraulic Downforce
Utilising a hydraulic cylinder on each opener that is connected to a controlled pressure supply via accumulators allows for smooth and controlled down force and break out capacity.  This hydraulic system is independent of the tractor during normal operation, so oil supply is only required when you need to increase your break out forces. This system also provides the ability to rapidly decrease the breakout ie. excessive rock.

Press Wheel Downforce Control
Within this opener design, is the ability to easily adjust your main press wheel down force setting. The unit has three positions that alter the mechanical action to a low, medium and high setting. 

Basic Specifications
6mm depth settings down to 125mm (5”), 450mm vertical travel, 330 kg (700 lb) break out force via Hyd system adjustment.