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If Simplicity were to name our most popular unit the ‘Trailing Quad Steerable (TQS) would be it! Simplicity’s robust bin and chassis powered by a mechanical drive and guided by Simplicity’s steerable front axle, the TQS Series embodies heavy duty, round the clock farming. Besides providing a more stable machine on a road travel situation, positive steering of the front wheels aid both straight line and turning tracking.

All these factors result in a machine perfectly suited to GPS and ‘Tram Tracking’ applications. An upgraded design of the Simplicity front steerable axle has resulted in an increase in weight carrying capacity while maintaining a greater level of flexibility over undulating conditions.

A further change to the TQS series range sees the extension in size range. The TQS Series includes five sizes ranging from 6000 litre up to 20,000 litres. TQS series market share is ever growing in the Variable Rate market when optioned w ith Linear Actuators. Customers are seeing the advantages of the ground drive drive-train, coupled with the peace of mind of a manual over-ride function.