3000 TR2 4500 TR2 Linkage X-Bar 4500 TR2 with Linkage X-Bar 6000 TR3 20000 TR3 20000 TR3 Dual Fan



Trailed Rear Simplicity Air Seeders are available in a one bin (1500 litre TR1) model, two bin (3000 – 7000 litre TR2) models and three bin (4500 - 7000 litre TR3) models.

Perfect for small to mid size operations where capacity gives way to manoeuvrability.

All the reliability and benefits of Simplicity’s trade mark ground drive metering system, packing into a more compact single axle seeder.

The TR Model range comes standard with Simplicity’s Eagle seeder monitor as well as a Heavy Duty blower. (Excluding the TR1 1500).

Additionally TR models can be fitted with a ‘Load Only’ mounted auger for in field filling. All models can also be optioned to include variable rate.