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Front Mount Air seeders are attached to each tractor using a model specific tractor mount.  Regardless of bin numbers the Simplicity FM series feature a ‘Vee’ shaped hopper with two bin lids so as to increase visibility for the operator.

Seeders optioned with either Proportional Hydraulic or Electric Drive are now providing precise rate control at your fingertips making them VR ready. With the addition of a Zynx X20 Controller any FM Seeder can now be the key to unlocking Prescription Farming as part of your planting program.

Both systems allow precise rate control and reliability; however a note worthy feature of the Simplicity Proportional Hydraulic Drive system is that of manual override. This feature allows Simplicity Australia to carry its reputation for unrivalled reliability from the Ground Drive Range into the Mounted Seeder Market.

Front Mounted Simplicity Air Seeders are available in either a one bin (1500 & 2000 litre FM1) or a two bin (2000 & 2500 litre FM2).