Simplicity 30 Series Model Release

Simplicity 30 Series Seeder


Simplicity Australia’s new 30 Series seeder range hit the market with the flagship model as the largest we’ve ever made – 30,000 Litres.

The product of several years of development and refinement the 30 Series gave opportunity for a fresh page approach to the Simplicity design team.  The 30,000 is the first of a line-up of models in the 30 Series with smaller models still to be released. 

The flagship model Tow Between (TB) 30,000 has a number of exciting innovations and new features:

  • Huge Capacity - the main bin is made up of 3 compartments totalling 30,000 Litres.  Because we don’t use a modular system and just stack in more bins, there is no need to have six or seven smaller bins to achieve the greater volume.  Less number of bins means less drive components, less control channels, less complication.
  • 1500 Litre Small Seeds Box – able to cater for bulk, one tonne bags.  Fitted with new small seeds metering unit with incorporated swing away bottom door and front window, it is also now suitable for all variable rate control options.
  • Dual Blowers – two individual blowers supply dual 6 way metering systems on each bin combining for a 12 outlet distribution system.  This system can easily be used as a single 6 way system, 8 way or opened right up and used as a huge 12x 3” system.
  • Single Sided Drive – a heavy duty ground drive system rebuilt to handle the loads of 12 outlet metering.  Featuring larger ZeroMax boxes with linear actuator variable rate control. Hydraulic calibration drive is neatly integrated into the drive train and no longer requires manual disengagement, thanks to the new rap-spring bearing system.  The drive-train is powered by a new high torque clutch.


More innovations and features include:

  •  Easy Fold Ladder – gas strut assisted fold up ladder mechanism is breathtakingly easy to operate from either the ground or up on the front platform.  Double ladder treads are used on the dual sided ladder system now with more graduated angle for easier access.
  • Single Sided Top Platform – leaving the bin fill zone un-hindered for easy filling access.
  • Fold Out Access Rails – providing access to the bin lid zone with integrated kick boards to meet WHS requirements.
  • Hand Rail System – new scissor type design allows handrails to be fitted in factory and folded down for transport.
  • Actuator Operated Bin Lids – allow for remote opening and closing.  The lid open and close functions are controlled with a switch system either from ground level or from the top platform.  Eliminating the need to go to the top of the bin for filling.  The system also still incorporates a manual over-ride system in the event of loss of power.
  • Bin Fill Indicator – utilises a bin level sensor with an adjustable mount system and an LED light at the top of the bin to indicate your filling progress.  This system further assists in allowing filling to be completed completely from the ground.
  • Hose Storage System – the rear camlock hoses are managed by a mount bank at the rear of the seeder when not in use.  This system allows for both an ideal flexible bar connection when in operation and a neat compact storage platform when in storage.
  • Dual Oil Cooler Shroud – the oil coolers (and fan input) move to a higher central position over the blowers.  The new cooler shroud design incorporates a removable rear panel for easy access from the front platform.
  • Wheels and Weight – dual 900/60R42 tyres are positioned to carry the bulk of the seeder weight with up to 5900 kilograms of down force transferred to the tractor drawbar.
  • Front Ball Hitch – the CAT 5 hitch plate with internal grease-able ball allows for a reliable yet flexible connection.

The first model in the new 30 Series range is an exciting development for Simplicity Australia and highlights our commitment to remaining the leading option for Air Seeders of every size here in Australia. 
As our range is developed, if you are in the market for a seeder between 20,000 to 30,000 litres and you’d like more information on the new 30 Series range please either contact your local dealer or feel free to contact us here from our website.